Sunday, November 9, 2008

Response to Racism

Thanks again for the many comments on my last post.  I would like to make a couple of remarks in response.

The comparison I made of myself attending Liberty University and Obama attending Jeremiah Wright's church was only meant to serve as an example of how the conservative media was not using sound logic when accusing Obama of being a racist or supporting racist causes.  I do not think that Jerry Falwell and Jeremiah Wright are in the same category of preacher.  I also do not think that Dr. Falwell was homophobic.  My point was that the media and popular commentators accused Dr. Falwell of being homophobic despite the fact that he did preach love the sinner and hate the sin.  Once the media had the soundbite, they didn't want to hear the real context of what Jerry Falwell was saying.  In fact, my real complaint is that the conservative media has made the the same type of accusations about Barack Obama that the liberal media was making of Jerry Falwell in 1999.  Our conservative base has become too comfortable repeating these uninformed accusations and that hypocrisy is part of the proof (in my humble opinion) that we conservatives have lost our direction.

Speaking of proof.  The evidence that Barack Obama has sat in the pews and not been influenced by some outlandish racial preacher was made available to us during the Presidential primary season.  Anyone who is truly scared that President Elect Obama doesn't have a sound and strong stance on racial equality in this country needs to listen to the speech he wrote and delivered on March 18th, 2008.  On that day as I heard this speech, it was clear to me that Barack Obama has clear judgment despite the fact that he attended Rev. Wright's church.  If you don't have a full half hour to burn... then spend at least 5 minutes beginning at minute 6.  

P.S. I've promised posts on issues with which I disagree with Barack Obama and I intend on writing those soon.  Erin and I are moving across Worcester to my Dad's condo, which is available for us, and is much cheaper than our place off of Grafton St.  We've been packing and chasing Mitchell around and it has kept me from forming my thoughts on these important issues.  Anyway... continue to challenge me with your comments... I enjoy the debate.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama as a Threat

Last Wednesday night I posted my vote for President: Barack Obama.  As a Republican (with a lot of Republican friends and family members) I expected to hear some heated responses.  Actually, I big reason why I posted my opinion was to stir up some controversy and conversation... it looks like that mission was accomplished.

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I know many of my friends and family were disappointed to see me make such a public claim for Barack Obama.  As I mentioned in my blog, there are a lot of issue with which I disagree with the Jr. Senator from Illinois, however I have come to respect the leadership qualities he has displayed so far.

There were 2 major themes to those who disagreed with me: "How can I support Obama's policies" and "Obama presents a threat to this country as we know it".  In this post I'll make comments on the latter category and then focus on Democratic policies in subsequent posts.

Attacking Obama as a radical socialist, a supporter of terrorism or as a disingenuous 'wolf in sheep's clothing' all sounds like desperate attempts to scare voters into supporting McCain.  I think the one claim that upsets me the most is that Barack Obama is a racist (or supports racists) because he attended Jeremiah Wright's church.

Here is a quick example of how this logic breaks down: I went to Liberty University.  Liberty is founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell.  He was very active and vocal during my years there including comments about how the "Teletubbies" were promoting a homosexual agenda to children.  Many legitimate voices in America accused Dr. Falwell of being homophobic.  Therefore, Jason DeStratis is also homophobic.  

If I were running for President reporters may ask me, "Jason, how can you support the fair treatment of same sex couples via civil unions even though you attended Jerry Falwell's school?" My response would probably be similar to Barack Obama's response about his connection to Jeremiah Wright, "There were many things that Dr. Falwell said that I cannot and did not support, however I do respect the inspiration he was to many people in the Christian community."

Spending energy claiming that Barack Obama is planning on promoting Jeremiah Wright's "Black Libertarian" agenda is a clear sign that Republicans are gasping for air.  We've lost our way.  By voting for Obama I am saying, "Ok Democrats, tell us some of your ideas... we are clearly out of fresh ideas over here."  

In my next post I'll begin to discuss some Democrat ideas with which I struggle the most.