Thursday, April 1, 2010

Number 100 (Our Return to South Carolina)

I've had 99 posts on my blog for a long time... and was really looking for a good reason to publish my 100th post. That day is today. Today we move back to Irmo, SC

I've been talking about it on twitter and facebook for the last few weeks, so it probably not a surprise to those who are reading this. It's been almost 3 years since we lived in our house in Irmo, but after many heartaches trying to rent and sell the house we decided to reconsider our approach. Ever since we moved to Massachusetts in 2007 we've lived in several apartments and family members house's (my grandfather's house, Charlie and Nancy's house, a duplex we rented, and my Dad's Condo).

We are totally thankful for everyone in our family who has helped us in our attempt to move to the central Massachusetts area. Our first choice would have been for the house to sell and then with a little savings put away, we could then look for a house in the Worcester area. That didn't happen. And with the understanding that the real estate market wasn't favorable for us to sell, we realized that the best house we could buy for our family is the house that we already owned.

My Dad and my in-laws, Charlie and Nancy have provided a place for us to live for a majority of our time in MA... and unanimously offered to let us stay here as long as it takes. We couldn't be more thankful for their generosity. Also, my company IKON, has been very understanding. They hired me in 2005 in South Carolina, even though I still lived in Holden, MA. In 2007 the transfered me to the Boston area and now they are transferring me back to the Carolinas. Without that kind of flexibility this move would not be possible.

As you can see, we are conflicted about this move. On one hand, its an admission that our original plan to move back to Massachusetts didn't work and we will not be able to live close to our family. On the other hand, we can finally take advantage of a house that has spent the last 3 years either vacant or occupied by tenants who thought paying us rent was optional. Erin and the boys will be able to take advantage of our yard (though I have a lot of work to do on that) and a park that is within walking distance. We'll also jump back into our strong group of friends, many of whom also have small children. Plus, its hard to ignore the improved weather scenario (we never go skiing or really take full advantage of the New England weather). So, in the end we are excited and optimistic for this move back to our home in South Carolina.

So, for those of you in the New England area, we will miss you. We'll be back for vacations and holidays, so hopefully we'll see you then. And to our friends in South Carolina, we are looking forward to see you on a regular basis. To everyone, we truly appreciate your support. We couldn't be more thankful.

- Jason, Erin, Mitchell, Landon & Remydog