Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chrome OS

What if Rob Bell was going to produce a Google video for the new Chrome OS? It might sound something like this. Even if you don't agree with the Rob Bell comparison, I really like what Google is saying in this video.... why not simplify!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calculator (The story of my trip to Burlington, MA)

As some of you heard on twitter today, I went to Burlington, MA for a training event at work. It was a pretty good event with plenty of food and the promise of a prize for those who could answers questions at the end. Like any other perpetually broke person, I was excited for the chance to get something for free. That included a free lunch, which also made it a poor choice for me to go to the Chick-fil-A at the Burlington Mall... so I didn't go (refer to the tweet).

Anyway... back to the point. I was anxious to answer a question at the end of the training so that I could reap the benefits of paying attention all day long. The first question was impossible, so I didn't raise my hand. The second question was a little more realistic and my hand rapidly flung up in the air as if I had channeled the 4th grade version of myself. I confidently... and correctly answered the question and was rewarded the 1st prize.

It was a calculator.

I tried not to look outwardly disappointed but I'm sure a smirk flashed across my face. After we were dismissed, I put it with my things and headed for home.

When I got home, Mitchell greeted me with his usual enthusiasm. It's a joy that can't be explained until your 2 year old runs up to you, hugs your leg and yells, "My daddy's home!" I started to look for a place to put my things down; Mitchell followed me to the couch, with Landon looking on from his spot on the floor. Mitchell asked what has now become a very common question, "... This is...?" (interpretation: What is this?) I showed Mitchell and Landon my new calculator. The wonder and amazement was over the top. "A Calculator!.... WOW!" In an effort to keep things equal, I actually handed it to Landon first. He didn't say anything, but he did grab onto it with his unusually strong, 9 month old hands as if to say, "I love this calculator!"

The calculator was free. The reaction was priceless. These are the invaluable moments available in parenthood no matter how broke you think you are.

(Plus... the calculator situation reminded me of this SNL skit from last year. Check it out!)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't Call It Marriage

One of my closest friends, Jay Caton posted to an earlier blog dealing with Homosexual Unions. We respect each others opinions and since its rare that we come down on different sides of the issues, I figured I would share it on this blog (with his permission). His rebuttal and yours are welcome!

Jay Caton:
I'm deeply saddened that Maine voters have overturned their same-sex marriage laws. It’s a blow to all our rights, gay or straight.

is is not a religious issue. They will not "teach" our children how to be gay. In fact, in what class are they teaching them, to be straight?

They will not “overrun” our system and cause problems in our society. It works in Mass, it works, in 4 other states and in numerous other country’s. It can work across the US too.

No one is saying that individuals need to "accept" same sex relationships or "lifestyles". There are those who still are very vocal about their dislike for interracial marriage. Just this week a justice of the piece in Texas resigned his post because he did not want to perform such wedding ceremonies. He did not need to resign; he could have just chosen not to do those weddings. That’s fine. But he can’t tell interracial couple they can not wed at all.

And no one should be able to tell a same sex couple they can’t either.

My response:
I haven't read much about the decision in Maine, but I did read that it marks the 31st time that the electorate has voted down a measure for gay marriage in the US. Whether one agrees with the decision or not, I believe that a referendum style vote is the most clear way to deal with this issue. It is not small minded to defend a principle such as the definition of marriage as one man/one woman (who also meet other important criteria such as not being related). People have just as much right to vote for a more open interpretation of marriage if they wanted to... its just that the majority hasn't... 31 straight times in a row including states more likely be vote blue like California and now Maine.

The real mistake is the tactic to use the word marriage to describe a homosexual relationship. That word marriage is what actually does make this a religious issue for many people. Marriage is deeply ceremonial and religious in nature.

Government has endorsed this method and then applied rights associated with marriage. Government has laws that deal with marriage or religious institutions and those laws are meant to protect citizens from religious fraud.

The key for successful gay-rights is to look to the government to apply rights associated with marriage, but under different terminology and conditions. Just like there are rights applied to a 'common marriage' couple, there can be... and should be... rights applied to a homosexual couple. They should be concerned with new rhetoric to support government recognition of an entirely new category of relationship that qualifies for tax credits, health care benefits, beneficiary rights and so on.

Just don't call it marriage.