Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This is a new blog that will feature articles and information that I (Jason) found interesting. I'll also use this as an opportunity to communicate personal thoughts, opinions and events in my (including Erin and our son Mitchell) life. Most topics fit inside the theme of what I find interesting, but I have a feeling it will focus on some areas a little more than others. My own bias for topics are likely to be: my family, sports, technology, music, philosophy, and God.

Speaking of bias... take 5 minutes to read the following article:

... wait.... before you do... first think about all of those pictures used in psychology... like the one where you think you see the old woman until the smart people in the room all say in a condescending manor..."actually is a young woman with a pretty hat"

... OK... now read the article:

7 Stupid Thinking Errors You Probably Make

I know that I'm in the top 30% of drivers... I don't care how many other people think the same thing.

Mistakes in thinking and decision making based upon the perceptions in our head (our personal bias) is the reason for so much of the worlds biggest problems. Just imagine all of the conflicts that could be resolved if we were more conscience of the errors in bias that we are all likely to make. I could be just about to argue with someone... until I was reminded that I'm really pissed off right now because this other person most recently acted in a way that offended me... but that most of the time, they have been a decent and caring person (see #4). With that in mind, I can take a larger sample of this offending persons interactions with me and decide to speak calmly in my attempt to discuss the offending situation. ahh... see how much better that feels.... very peaceful.

Just thought you might find that interesting too...

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Juanita said...

“In our worship of certainty, we must distinguish
between the sound certainty and the sham,
between what is gold and what is tinsel;
and then, when certainty is attained,
we must remember that it is not the only good;
that we can buy it at too high a price;
that there is danger in perpetual quiescence
as well as in perpetual motion;
and that a compromise must be found
in a principle of growth.”
Benjamin N. Cardozo, The Growth of the Law 125 (1924)
Quoted by P.R.'s Secretary of Justice on his Dec 11 2007 101-pages of opinion about illegal aspects of "Paseo del Caribe" (a SJ private apartment complex built partially in government property)