Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jumping Around

Since I last left you... I was traveling up the east coast with Claudio. We both sincerely regreat not bringing along the video camera as we both realized that we could have shot an epic "Awkward Moments" video. (Awkward Moments is the variety skech we developed for the youth group at Holden Chapel... which lives on to this day). But instead, we had the opportunity to focus on the ultimate goal of getting down to SC packing up most of my possesions into a truck and getting back to Worcester in about 52 hours. Our mission was succesful.

Now Erin and I are making an offer on a house that we are interested in purchasing here in Worcester. Here is a quick look:

We'll let you know what happens with the offer as soon as we can.

I'll also share a quick clip from my cell phone... Mitchell is really working out his legs in the jumper at Kelly and Chris' house:


Becky said...

Mike and I LOVE those jumpers for babies...they're so cute! Never too early to start that baseball fitness training, right Jason?

Sooo...did you guys sell the house in SC? If so, congrats! The new place looks great, I hope it works out! Keep us posted.

Kelly said...

That must have been an intense 50-some hours! If you ever have need, you've got a place to crash in Charlotte :-)