Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Brother

Many of you have already heard that Mitchell is going to be a big brother! Erin is 3 months pregnant with baby #2 and hoping to be out of the woods in terms of nausea soon. She has said that the morning sickness and other pregnancy related ailments are more intense this time around, but she's been doing a great job managing it. Mitchell hasn't specifically said how excited he is, but based on his enthusiasm for his new cousin Brody... I think he's going to be ready.

We'll find out if baby #2 is a boy or a girl on September 30th. The cool thing is that Mitchell and his new younger sibling will be just under 2 years apart, which is the same as my brother Chris and I. And while I'm sure we were a handful for my mother, our closeness in age provided for a lot of fun times. Anyway, I'm sure Erin will post some more information on her blog,


Rebecca Preskenis said...

Cograts, just two more and you'll catch up to us!!!

Rebecca said...

WOW! What great news, you guys! Erin is the cutest pregnant lady ever, I can't wait to see pics in a few months! And of course, we're looking forward to meeting the new DeStratis! Love you guys!