Monday, January 26, 2009


I like to consider myself a person who is up to date on my vocabulary words.  But one day last week as I was speaking with Claudio ( ) a word came up that I had never heard before... "Doppleganger".  Claudio used it so casually that I almost let it go... but I realized that I had to stop him and say... "Dopple...wha wha what?".  Claudio proceeded to give me a text book description of the term, stating that it was of German origin.  Wiki Definition Here.  I realized that I have clearly missed out on this word for 30 years.  With this new insight I vowed to learn more.  It turns out doppleganger is being used in pop culture all the time... and with that I present another SNL masterpeice by Andy Samberg. (thank you to Steve Bramlett for the link)


suesbrood said...

Wow, that was pretty funny.
Don't feel bad when you've never heard a word before. There's enough words in the English language to deal with without having to worry about the German ones. i first heard the word "doppleganger" in college in a German Lieder song. Imaging that, i had to sing the thing!

The other day i had a word pop into my head from an obscure nursery rhyme: moribund. i even used it correctly at jeffsdeepthoughts. Isn't the brain a miracle?

Jack Dogg's Blog said...
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Jack Dogg's Blog said...

This is all my friend Mary's fault. If she didn't have 2 model-s-T#836 dopplegangers floating around in Boston when I lived there, I wouldn't have thought twice about the phenomena. So far there's 3 of her that exist..

PS. I don't quite like the idea of having to prove you're a human by typing a strange word to leave a post! "Buyari"... what the hell does that mean? Sounds like the name of JD's doppleganger..

Jeff said...

My issue like this one was with the word pronounced "Seg-way" (with a hard "g", like in "get)
It's spelled something like segue. (That doesn't look quite right, but you all probably get my point.)
I'd heard the word, and new what it meant. I'd read the word, and never thought much about it. But I think I was in my midtwenties before I connected them and realized that they were the same word.