Tuesday, February 24, 2009

State of the States by Gallup

I have to point out a recent report issued by Gallup. A recent poll they did puts a little color in the discussion that I hope my blog can help to facilitate. As it turns out, we are correct in assuming that church growth is much harder to come by in New England. The entire 6 state region ranks in the bottom 10 states when considering the importance of religion.

I'm not as concerned with the fact that people here in New England are naturally less religious, that fact has a lot to do with historical trends.
  • I'm concerned when I hear about highly visible church organizations poring their resources into Nashville.
  • I get frustrated when I hear about "hot shot" seminary grads getting out and planting a new church in Charlotte.
  • I'm confused when I hear about really well known church leaders starting a new worship experience in Atlanta.
  • I'm jealous when read about all of the ministry training being made available in Dallas.
Are these organizations are smart enough to know that you can't run a "successful' ministry in New England, or are they settling for the 'low hanging fruit'?

I'm sure there are many good reasons to start a church in Birmingham, but I can't wait to see someone look at Boston and say... "why not!" Let's bring in some seminary hot shots and nationally recognized leaders and start something there. If God (and not geography) is the reason for their success, then let's buck the trend.

Click Here for a closer look at the trends.

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