Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bob Lobel

Today was one of those days where you hear some news that catches you off guard. I don't even know a world in which Bob Lobel is not my local sportscaster and yet that is what I'm faced with today. I was driving down the Pike this morning when word came across the airwaves that WBZ was going to cut Bob Lobel, Joyce Kulhawik and Scott Wahle. Scott's been around a while, but Bob and Joyce have been on my TV since I was 3 years old (keep in mind that I don't remember much before I was 3 years old).

Bob Lobel may not be perfect (I'm pretty sure he's perpetually drunk), but he is my local sportscaster... who understands the agony of defeat and doesn't hide it when he's on the air. And how in the world can I go on without Joyce Kulhawik's movie and theater reviews... is there anyone in Boston more cultured that Joyce... I doubt it!

So WBZ... you have some explaining to do... I've been a loyal channel 4 guy my entire life and now you want me to turn on the 6 o'clock news and not think about the fact that I'm lost.... lost without these icons of Boston local news. I guess all I can say is "shame on you" and you better hope that I don't end up at WCVB where at least the broadcast is in HD.


destratisphere said...

This is truly a sad day. I share in your pain.

Rebecca said...

It is a sad day. How can they cut Bob and Joyce? Seriously.