Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm thinking of switching to Google

I'm playing around with the idea of switching my email from Yahoo to Gmail. I've been with Yahoo for about 9 years, but have just about had it. Its probably a product of having had the address for so long that every spammer in the world has me on their lists, but I just get so many useless emails. I'll post my official change (as well as our new physical address) in the next week or two... but I wanted to get you ready for the change (and maybe me as well).

Besides, with Google coming up with amazing technologies like this one... how can I resist!


Today is so much fun.


Supa Sparks said...

well it's about time you converted!! sheesh. welcome to gmail my friend!

Amanda said...

FINALLY! I am shocked that I jumped onto a technology bandwagon before you....Come on and catch up with the rest of us (couldn't resist, this could be my last opportunity to tell you to catch up with us :)

michael said...

just step off the ledge and into the building... sir it will be okay, step into the building... nah just kidding, gmail its well ...fun and from what you are telling us the best darn technology out there!

I enjoyed the sermon, well done and thanks for the shout out and very kind words, it was great to see you guys on Easter Sunday!

Rebecca said...

Hey, so I'm curious, which picture of us did you put up during your sermon??