Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mission Teams in Haiti

I am so overwhelmed after seeing the images of devastation from the earthquake in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas in Haiti. I'm truly at a loss for words but I did want to pass on some information about local organizations already on the ground to aid in preexisting conditions in this poor country.

One organization based out of central Massachusetts is called "Mission E4" and led by a long time friend Scott Long. He and 36 others from this area are in Haiti and were there during the earthquake. They are all safe at this time. Please pray for the continued safety, provisions of food and shelter, and that God would use them to aid Haitians in need. I'll be sure to pass along any updates as I receive them via Twitter and here on the blog.

Another organization many in the area are also very familiar with is New Mission founded by The DeTellis family. Tim DeTellis has been able to assess some of the damage done there. Everyone is safe, however they have damage to numerous facilities including a now structurally compromised medical clinic. Follow their updates at their website and Twitter page.

Also, please continue to monitor the SoulFest Facebook page for more information on "Mission of Hope Haiti" with which the SoulFest is partnering for fund raising and relief efforts. Also follow along for update on several members of the SoulFest family including Roger that have trips planned to Haiti.

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