Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott's Disaster Relief Plan

Mission E4 needs to raise $100,000 by February 1st for the people of Haiti. Scott Long is the founder of Mission E4, which serves in Haiti and had a short term mission team on the ground during the earthquake.

I've known Scott all of my life. He used to play Risk with my dad at our kitchen table until the sun came up. As a 10 year old kid, I would wake up and wonder how they could have stayed up all night long playing a board game. Fast forward to today and you can find me playing Settler of Catan until the wee hours of the morning with my friends, many of whom have been colleagues in ministry. 20 years later... I get it. I remember riding along in Scott's little Isuzu pick up truck... He was the cool 20 year old guy that bothered to spend time with the corny 10 year old kid.

I sat down at Starbucks with Scott last year. I wanted to know how he was doing personally. I wanted to get to know more about his growing organization, Mission E4. What I found, is a man and his family, who have given up on the American dream and turned their focus to God's calling here in the city of Worcester and around the world. Scott's organizational talents and leadership skills could be used to produce financial profits, but he realized that his call was different. He now leads an organization that serves here in Worcester and around the world in Albania, Kosova, Mozambique and Haiti.

Haiti is now in a struggle of survival and Mission E4 is in a unique position to get help directly to people who need it most. Mission E4 and Scott's family operate on a 'shoe string' budget. There are so many places to donate in the relief effort, most of them totally legit. However, if you've hesitated because you don't know enough about the organization, I urge you to consider donating to Scott's organization, Mission E4. Click Here to donate and to read more about their Disaster Relief Plan.

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